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How We Became the Land of the Midnight Baking

Today is National Cheesecake Day! Did you know that? I just found out. So I’ve spontaneously decided to tell you the story of how this blog got its name. Not too terribly long ago—probably a couple of years ago, to be slightly less vague—I decided to make a cheesecake. I don’t exactly remember whose birthday… Continue reading How We Became the Land of the Midnight Baking

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Fifty Paths to Liver Failure

Chapter 5: Ana wakes up in Mr. Grey’s hotel room after last chapter’s embarrassment. He’s apparently still in town and hanging with his brother for some still unexplained reason. He’s been there for a week by now; doesn’t he have a business to run? Apparently large businesses can effectively function without their CEO for extended… Continue reading Fifty Paths to Liver Failure

Fifty Alcoholic Beverages

Fifty Contrived Character Interactions

Chapter 3: Kate decides that they need photos to accompany her article, but apparently, no one is available to play photographer for Mr. Grey’s photo shoot except Ana’s accidental boy toy, José. So far, we’ve got Paul the all-American who works at the hardware store with her, and José the minority, both attractive and interested,… Continue reading Fifty Contrived Character Interactions

Fifty Alcoholic Beverages

Fifty Setups for an S&M-based Storyline

Chapter 2: In all honesty, even though I’m less than immersed in the plot here, I’m not as blown away by disbelief as I thought I would be. Ana’s response to Christian is far more realistic than his response to her. I know if I ever met a wildly attractive, charismatic multi-billionaire, I would probably… Continue reading Fifty Setups for an S&M-based Storyline

Fifty Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 1: Fifty Ways to Excuse an Unlikely Premise

OK Chapter 1: Not that bad. Actually kind of compelling—I sort of want to read more even though it wants for creativity in terms of Ana’s internal monologue; for example, we can do better than “crap” or “double crap” can’t we? The basic premise is that college student Ana is filling in as interviewer for… Continue reading Chapter 1: Fifty Ways to Excuse an Unlikely Premise