Hello world!

As a first shot out into the ether that is the internet, I’d like to take a moment to explain what this blog is all about. It’s a time-waster, probably more for me than it will be for any potential readers, since the net is a vast place and there are many, many blogs like this. It’s for my friends (and maybe family) and all the things I don’t say in person since I’m not very good with the face-to-face interactions. It’s because I don’t make time to talk or reflect on deep stuff, because I’m bad at managing my time, and because I don’t say nearly enough out loud.

It’s a tool to help me improve my writing, since my Spanish department professors tell me I can’t write in Spanish (I say it’s because I’m a native English speaker) and my History department professors tell me I can’t write in English (I say it’s because I’ve spent 4 years writing in Spanish).  It’s a place to share the recipes I love and the recipes I’ve changed for the better. New recipes, I believe, don’t really exist, just as new ideas don’t exist– we’ve done it all and thought of it all before, like Solomon said. There is nothing new under the sun. We can make variations on a theme, though, and that makes all the difference. Each theme is unique to the person who creates it.

So read it or not, it’s up to you in the end. Maybe you’ll like the person writing these posts either less or more than the one you see in person, and maybe you’ll learn about her. But maybe I’ll end up the one who will learn the most about the author of this blog. And isn’t that why we write blogs in the first place?

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