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Clean Eating Challenge, Day 2 and 3

So it didn’t take long for me to skip a day to post– I still did participate in the challenge, but I didn’t have time to post yesterday. Today is a double post.

Yesterday was day 2. I didn’t have the overnight oatmeal, since I woke up at 2pm. I did make the Napa cabbage wraps for “linner” without the mangoes because I used all my mango for the smoothies. The only mangoes I could find at the grocery store were the small yellow ones, so I bought 2. Turns out, that’s not enough mango.

The cabbage tacos still turned out well, except I still don’t have olive oil, so no vinaigrette, which was OK with me. The food police still haven’t caught on, so I’m safe for another day. And there were 2 cups of arugula that were listed in the ingredients and not mentioned elsewhere in the recipe. Where did the arugula go? Is it missing? Do we need to send a search party?

The “dunch” salad with kale, fennel, chickpeas and Parmesan was delicious, although there are disadvantages to bringing chewy, fibrous vegetable matter to work when I only have 30 minutes to eat. That was the fastest I’ve ever chewed in my life. I felt like a rabbit.

I had the tomato, basil, feta snack– which was delicious– as well as the clementine snack, which for me, was a Valencia orange snack because they’re cheaper than clementines here.

So overall, Day 2 went about as well as Day 1, since I was able to eat all the food except breakfast.


Day 3 started when I got home from work at 3am. I was starving. I’m not sure if this is due to the dunch salad, but I’m not usually that hungry when I get home from work.

So I had Day 3’s breakfast, Greek yogurt, blackberries, and almonds. I was supposed to only use half of the package of blackberries, but when I examined the package, I found that most of them were moldy. One meal this week will be missing some blackberries. I’m not going out to buy more food this week, since the fridge is packed as it is. If it’s missing, then it’s missing.

It was worthwhile to have them in the yogurt, though. That was a delicious bedtime snack and I’ll definitely make that again sometime.

The “dunch” salad was quick work– I just chopped up half a head of Napa cabbage, a carrot, and some almonds, sliced up some chicken. Easy peasy. No olive oil, no vinaigrette, but I did add lime juice from half a lime and a bit of tamari.

For “linner” I made the cauliflower steaks and lentils. They turned out picture perfect, exactly like the recipe image. The cauliflower was super easy to prepare, just some oil, salt, and pepper. I used coconut oil instead of olive oil, which is an easy enough fix when something is going into the oven. It doesn’t work so well in salad dressing, since coconut oil is solid at room temperature.

The lentils were also pretty easy to make, although once again, there was a listed ingredient–honey– that wasn’t mentioned at all in the course of the recipe. What did I do with the honey, then? I just stirred it in with the vinegar and tamari at the end. Seemed to turn out fine and I would be glad to prepare and eat them again.

There are still so many vegetables in the fridge right now, I don’t know how I’m supposed to eat all of them by the end of the week. Likely as not, some of them will go bad in the meantime, which will, of course, defeat the purpose of having bought them in the first place, but I still like having them in the fridge already. It’s nice to not have to go out to buy groceries multiple times during the week, which is what I normally do, and it’s probable that I spend just about the same amount for food on a regular basis as I did on Saturday, it’s just spread out over the week, so I don’t notice how much it really costs.

As for today, I still have two snacks left, and we shall see if I get around to eating them at all today.

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