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I am from…(synchroblog for SheLoves)

It seems like all I have time for these days is work and sleep, but I heard about SheLoves synchroblog in celebration of Heritage Day in South Africa. The original post is beautiful– you should check it out.

I was inspired to join in and submit my own 2 cents worth. Nothing really to write home about, so to speak, but a little something of my own.

I am From

I am from Texas, from big backyards and chain link fences,

suburban kids making the street a playground.

From Nate the Great and Amelia Bedelia books fresh from the library,

and sugar cookies fresh from the oven.

I am from calorie counting, and early morning jogs,

watching the sunrise from the trail every day, rain or shine.

From waist measurements that never seemed small enough,

and $7 meals that were never satisfying.

I am from cherished friendships

laughter shared over late nights watching favorite TV shows.

From long conversations in dark rooms,

and road trips to festivals and amusement parks.

I am from learning about Jesus in classrooms, apartments, and schoolhouse gymnasiums.

I am from experiencing grace in my living room, and my kitchen.

I am from humility and failure, and “not trying hard enough.”

I am from knowing my life has a purpose, but not knowing exactly how it should be spent.

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